Designed to fulfil the applications requiring high-performance levels and total reliability for a long time, the latest range of Havells 3 phase energy efficient LV induction motors include Inverter Duty Motors, Crane Duty Motors, Brake Motors, Dual Speed Motors and Smoke Ventilated Motors. With ease of installation and low cost power transmission units that drive a multitude of machine applications, Havells motors are highly energy efficient 3 phase motors and consume less power as opposed to traditional motors.

Crane Duty Motors

Available in 5 different categories, these motors are suitable for duty cycle operations like hoisting, lifting and crane applications.

Smoke Motors

Manufactured with AEG Technology, they are mainly designed for driving smoke extraction fans.

Brake Motors upto 75 kW 100 HP

Available in 4 different RPMs, these motors have a high braking torque for instant stopping and are easy to install and operate.

Inverter Duty Motors

Suitable for speed variation applications, these motors can be offered with encoder arrangement. They come with various mounting options and a longer life.

Premium Series Energy Efficient Motors

Explore the range of most efficient IE2 and IE3 motors from Havells that not only save energy but also promise long lasting operation and safety.

LT Motors Up 355 kW

High efficiency motors with speed variation applications suitable for VFD drives and multimounting facility.

Premium Energy Efficient Motors

The Havells range of premium energy efficient motors are the first of its kind in India.  Havells IE3 & IE2 motors conform to IS 12615:2011 and IEC 60034-30:2008 and are suitable for continuous operation,  where high energy saving is essential.


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