Window Coolers by Havells are made utilizing the best of technology, featuring the newest features. With amazing air delivery together with low noise, these window coolers proffer a nice ambience to sit back and relax. The Havells range of window coolers is marked by the Breetheezee Technology, to improve the quality of air while maintaining the cooling and freshness. These easy-to-clean personal coolers are equipped with 3-speed settings, wood wool cooling pads, ice chamber, thermal overload protection, auto-fill and many more features to enhance the experience of first-class cooling. Explore the world of dust-free, breathable air with the smart range of window coolers from Havells!


Ensures comfortable atmosphere with easy water level indicator and adjustable humidity control in a seamless way.

brina plus

Smart window cooler with an innovative edge, Brina Plus offers healthy air with efficient auto swing and tank cover facilities.

Freddo I

India's first innovative air cooler range that has unique features like - completely collapsible louvers, 3-side washable dust filter nets, water tank cover, auto drain, humidity control, temperature display, cord winding station, 3 sides honeycomb cooling pads & low noise.


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