With long lasting and energy efficient features offered by LED lamps, Havells have dedicated themselves to develop a better environment friendly nation for the society. The modern technology equipped LED lamps enable an improved efficiency with low maintenance cost. The warm light from the LED lamps allow for complete brightness without loss of energy.

Havells LED LAMPS - high wattage

Enabling higher light intensity with energy efficient features, these high wattage LED lamps seamlessly replaces traditional bulbs.

Havells LED LAMPS - regular lamps

High lumen output with instant lighting features, the regular LED lamps are highly energy efficient and affordable.

Havells LED LAMPS - special lamp

Attractive. Unique. Safe. These special lamps are exclusively designed for children’s room to add brightness without harming their eyes.

Havells LED LAMPS - filament lamp

A combination of traditional and modernism, the filament lamps merge the vintage incandescent bulbs with LED filaments.