Get just the beard style you want with Havells trimmers and shavers, and make women turn their heads wherever you go. Clean shaven chocolate boy or rugged macho man, the wide range of male grooming products by Havells can let you have any look you want and appear supremely attractive in it.

Havells MALE GROOMING - beard trimmer

The best electric beard trimmer from Havells that helps you manage your beard like never before.

Havells MALE GROOMING - pocket shaver

A carry everywhere shaver equipped with a single blade to give you a seamless shave.

Havells MALE GROOMING - nose and ear trimmer

Removing hair from areas unwanted, the nose and ear trimmer from Havells is your savior.

Havells MALE GROOMING - electric shaver

Get the smoothest shave without any hassle. Gift yourself the Havells electric shaver today.

Shaver - RS 7131

Explore the new in precise shaving with Havells shaver. 4D floating blades that adjust to tha facial contour to give you the the closest shave. Two track, multipurpose precision cut -blade system for a faster shave, gives better coverage with minimum strokes.


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