Distribution Boards

Distribution boards make an essential part of any circuitry in your homes, offices or any other place. They serve an important purpose and cannot be ignored at any cost. One of the most important devices, they make sure that the current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning. This also makes sure that none of the devices suffer from the effects of over currents or short circuits. The Havells range of distribution boards are elegant when it comes to their looks. They fit in perfectly with the interiors of your homes, adding to the aesthetics. Available in different colors, the designer DBs serve a dual purpose. They not only save you from the harmful effects of current but also make your walls magnificent. The horizontal and vertical DBs give you the flexibility to choose the ones that are right for you. Choose from the range of distribution boards available online at amazing prices on the Havells store and get protection delivered to your home without any hassle.

dcora db door

DCORA has been engineered to ensure safety of electrical appliances as well as human life from electrical hazards.

Distribution Boards with Lock

The DB series with key lock feature has been designed to meet the demand of a secure distribution board placed at a location accessible to strangers.

metalica db

A range of distribution boards from Havells specially built for providing you with the effective distribution of power and safety for your appliances.

common base separate door concept

All metallic, all glossy. Check out the metalica distribution board range from Havells and protect your appliances

designer db

The range has been designed with unique features ensuring user safety, convenience, easy handling, and quick simple installation.

special application db

Safeguarding you from any kind of short circuits or over currents, the special application distribution boards are built to last long.

phase selector db

Havells brings out to you a range of phase selector distribution boards with increased safety meeting all your automatic phase selection requirements.

utility db

Electrical devices can never be boring especially when they are from Havells. Check out the designer distribution board range

accessories for dbs

Safety should never be compromised. Select from a range of accessories for your distribution boards and live safe.

D’cora Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards that become a work of art to match your home interiors. Choose from Klass Leather, Pearl Stone, and Sepia Rosewood finishes that complement the décor of your room.


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