ORO Metalica Range

Switches are the most prominent electrical accessory visible in a house or office or anywhere else. The oro metalica range is a range of switches so beautiful, you won't be able to take your eyes of. Resistant to shock and high impact UV rays, these switches are dust proof and also add to the aesthetics of your room. Enhance your living spaces with the combination of design and chic looks. Talking about aesthetics, let’s talk about it more in detail. The oro metalica range is made to create an impact and woo you every time you have a look at the interiors. The lustrous metallic colors and the composed looks of the matte finish soothe your eyes. Also, these shades compliment the interiors of your homes making them look more elegant. Cover frames, sockets, support modules, switches and communication modules in this range are the best looking and the trendy ones you'll ever find. Satin gold, mustard gold, antique copper silver grey, magnesium grey and a lot more color options give you the freedom of choice. Made to suit different requirements in homes, offices etc., and the oro metallica range switches are available online for the best prices. All you need to do is go to the Havells store and look out for what goes with your home's interiors.

cover frames

A combination of unique finish and classy looks that enhance and protect the button circuitry.


A variety of sockets catering to different needs including universal sockets, 5 pin sockets, 2 pin sockets and 3 pin sockets.

support modules

Additional modules to help you take care of various functions


Beautifully finished range of one way and two way switches built to last long.

communication modules

Upgrade your communication with the range of communication modules from Havells.

Oro Metalica Range

Built with the perfect mix of a sense of design and rugged performance, ORO switches are made to last longer. Made from FR grade Poly Carbonate which makes these switches shock and dust proof and resistant to high impact and UV rays.


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