Personal Cooler

Offering cool and comforting solutions during the harsh scorching summers, the personal coolers from the house of Havells are accurately designed which conform to high quality standards regarding cleaner technologies, air purification system and affordability. The ideal indoor cooling solutions, the personal coolers are equipped with honeycomb cooling pads, auto drain, humidity control and an ice chamber. The durable collapsible louvers prevent the entry of dusts and germs and thus enabling fresh natural cooling air.

Havells Personal Cooler - fresco

Ideal for domestic usage, these personal coolers are equipped with water level indicator and adjustable humidity control for superior cooling solutions.

Fresco I

India's first innovative air cooler with completely collapsible louvers, washable dust filter net, water tank cover, auto drain, humidity control, temperature display, cord winding station, honeycomb cooling pad & low noise.


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