Monoblock Pump

The Monoblock Pumps introduced by Havells Pump come with easy installation features, greater efficiency and low maintenance cost. The compact shape along with the superior quality of the Monoblock Pumps ensure hassle-free service for agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

Havells Monoblock Pump - hs series

A 1.0 HP high prformance, low energy consumption pump ideal for your home water requirements.

Havells Monoblock Pump - jm series

An energy efficient motor with an F class insulation, high grade pump casting and a great performance.

Havells Monoblock Pump - m series

A compact motor design with a stainless steel pump shaft, the J series is an energy efficient pump from Havells.

Havells Monoblock Pump - s series

A high performance pump with dual dual coated H class copper windings and a high suction power.

Havells Monoblock Pump - mx series

F class insulations giving high discharge in the operating range to boost the efficiency, only with the D series monoblock pump from Havells.

Havells Monoblock Pump - a series

With controlled voltage fluctuations, optimal design, high operating efficiency and self-priming capacity, these A Series pumps ensure high-quality experience.

Havells Monoblock Pump - d series

With F class insulation and highly energy-efficient motor, these D Series pumps make sure of higher suction power and reliable operating services.

Havells Monoblock Pump - js series

Ideal for commercial and residential purposes, the JS Series pumps have durable exterior with productive capacity of pumping out water from underground.

Havells Monoblock Pump - ml series

The self-priming pump with cast iron bracket which is well appreciated for its low maintenance cost and long lasting operational features.


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