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Havells - Havells UV Plus

UV Storage    GHWUPRL015

  • Unique 5-stage storage type UV + UF purification
  • Revitalizer enhances water molecules for improved hydration & mineral absorption
  • Ultra filtration

MRP Rs.: ₹ 10499

Mountain View

Havells uv water purifiers

Havells India Ltd is a trustworthy brand for electric products, known for its innovative designs amalgamated with the latest technology. In its range of high-end electrical goods, water purifier is the newest addition. Havells range of water purifiers is the best, considering its futuristic design, best-in-class purification technology and convenience features. Explore the online collection of water purifiers featuring UV+UF purification by Havells!

Given to its reasonable price, stylish design and UV+UF purification, the electric water purifier by Havells is the best buy water purification system for every home. Its unique and compact design lets you to mount it in a corner, on a wall or keep it on a table top. It provides 5-stage UV purification with germicidal UV-C protection for absolute safe and healthy drinking water.

Some of its smart features worth mentioning are UF Membrane, Revitalizer, iProtect purification monitoring, electrical protection system, compact design with flexible mounting, zero splash faucet, ingress protection tank cover, removable tank, smart alerts and more. With the access to online world, you can check water purifier models, designs, features and prices before buying one for your home.

Keeping all the convenience features in mind, Havells UV water purifiers are the best purification system ensuring safe drinking water to your loved ones. In India, contaminated water has become a major problem. But thanks to Havells water purifiers, you can have safe, clean and healthy drinking water using its double UV purification. Enjoy drinking clean water!

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