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Havells - Fresco i

Personal Cooler    GHRACAOE190

  • India's first innovative cooler range
  • Auto Drain
  • Full functional remote

MRP Rs.: ₹ 12770

Havells - Fresco

Personal Cooler    GHRACANE190

  • India's first innovative cooler range
  • Auto Drain
  • Humidity Control

MRP Rs.: ₹ 11435

Havells fresco Cooler

Personal coolers are the best bet when it’s about cooling a mid-sized space. So, if you wish to cool your personal space, an electrical appliance like an air cooler is perfect. Havells India Ltd, a prominent brand for electrical consumer goods, offers a range of personal coolers infused with Breatheezee Technology for cleaner and breathable air.

In the range of personal coolers, Havells has a series named Fresco. The Fresco series of personal air coolers are laced with premium features like Humidity Control, Remote Control, Ice Chamber, Auto Drain, Washable Dust Filter Net, Cord Winding Station, Honeycomb Cooling Pad and many more. Besides providing amazing cooling, Fresco personal coolers feature low noise unlike the traditional air coolers.

Review different models and their features online to get a better idea of Havells air coolers. One of the best electrical product brands in India, Havells offers innovative products featuring the latest technology and designing. Fresco Personal Coolers are no different since they are equipped with remarkable features, together with stylish designs.

Before buying, you can go through user reviews, compare features and prices online. Once you’re satisfied with the research, you can buy the preferred model of personal cooler online and get it delivered on your doorstep. Enjoy amazing savings on your electricity bills, and cooling in your personal space with Fresco range of air coolers from Havells.


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