This Diwali, Don’t forget the Ceiling while Lighting up your Home!




The biggest festival of the year is almost here and you must be ready with all your decorations and lights to adorn your home. To welcome the Goddess of Wealth, Maa Lakshmi, you toil hard to clean and decorate each corner of your home. In fact, for both indoors and outdoors, you make sure that your home looks chic, resplendent in colourful lights. While you beautify your abode with all your heart, there is something which you generally miss on. Even if you disagree on this statement, you do miss the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling which is the fifth wall of your home.

We often find that ceilings are commonly overlooked while titivating all the other parts of the home including walls, windows, doors, balconies, porch and so much more. Now you must be thinking, who looks at the ceiling, but we do look at it knowingly or unknowingly. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and pendant lights are hung from the ceiling itself. However, apart from the fans, chandeliers and pendant lights are not meant for everywhere. So, what else? LED Surface Panels! Yes, these slim panels can be your new lighting device which will not only enhance your ceiling, but also offer ambient lighting throughout the area.

Havells offers a wide range of panel lights which can be used according to your requirement and feasibility. The all-new LED Trim Clip-on is a unique surface light that can be installed over both surface ceiling and false ceiling without any difficulty. So, if you’ve been wondering all these years to install panel lights but didn’t have the false ceiling, you can now beautify your surface ceiling with these lights without making a hole in your pocket. The LED Trim Clip-on panel is a unique recess cum surface panel with a special moving spring loaded sliding mechanism which offers amazing adaptability and super easy installation. This special feature makes this device suitable for any cut-out shape, size or orientation. Thus, the Trim Clip-on LED Panel is a universal creation for all types of panel lights. It can support variable cut-out sizes providing a minimum of 60 mm cut out for proper installation.

In case you possess false ceilings from quite a few years and already have the age-old CFL downlighters installed, they might not be working on the same note and you cannot replace the CFLs because they aren’t available in the market anymore. So, in such a situation, you can replace your old lighting device with the innovative Havells LED Trim Clip-on Panels without any hassle. They can be installed easily by your electrician without unnecessary requirement of mason, carpenter or anyone else.

So, this Diwali, don’t forget your ceiling and light them up with trim clip-on panels. Make your home appear bright and beautiful with LED panels which are amazingly easy to install, energy-efficient, durable and low on power consumption. Designed using advanced technology, the Trim Clip-on LED Panels are made with high-grade polycarbonate for amazing durability. Their exclusive clip-on feature makes them perfect for almost everywhere and they can fit in almost any size cutout in false ceiling as far as it is 60 mm. Get this avant-garde ceiling panel lighting on this joyous occasion and adorn your ceilings beautifully along with other parts of your home!