Light Up Your Home the Easy Way with Trim Clipon LED Panels




Planning to revamp your home? But, need to get it done quickly? While you might have taken care of painting and furniture, you probably called for lighting designers, carpenters, and other contractors to redo the lights. But, wouldn’t it get time consuming? Although you may want to replace those old CFL Downlighters to suit the new look of your home, you don’t necessarily need an army of people to get the job done.

With innovative lighting solutions in the market, you need not redo your home lighting from scratch. In times, when you need a quick renovation and also do not want to compromise on quality, solution like Havells Trim Clipon LED Panels is your best choice. These lights are sleek in design, versatile, and offers glare-free illumination. And, most importantly, they are quick and easy to install! Let’s see how:

Clip-on to Install

One of the major advantages of bringing home Trim Clipon LED Panels is the fact that they are compatible with any ceiling type. Whether you have a normal ceiling or a false one, Trim Clipon LED Panels can be installed on both. Typically, installing new lights come with the hassles of making major changes to your ceiling. But, with Trim Clipon LED Panels do away with any inconvenience as these lights fit cutouts of any shape and size. Thanks to its sliding spring mechanism. All you need is an electrician, who has to simply clip it on to your existing ceiling to install! Here’s how you can install these unique lights on a normal and false ceiling.

Trim Clipon LED Panels for Your Regular Ceiling

As mentioned before, installing Trim Clipon LED Panel is quite simple. You may want to dial up your electrician’s number to do the wiring. Once your old lights are removed, ask them to screw the bracket on your ceiling. Then, attach the wire to your power cables and push the light into the bracket till it settles there with a click. And, your home shines in new light.

Trim Clipon LED Panels for Your False Ceiling

The process of installing these lights on a false ceiling is similar to that of the installation on normal ceiling. Irrespective of the form and orientation of the cutout, place the bracket on to the ceiling and slide the springs to fit the size of the cutout. Then, snap the springs into place and push the light from below to complete the procedure.

As you can see, lighting up your home with Trim Clipon LED Panels is quite simple and swift. Apart from the easy installation, these lights offer several other benefits.

• The wide 110 degree beam angle ensures that every corner of your home is illuminated.

• While the brightness of the light fills your home, its glare-free nature doesn’t impact your vision.

• There’s a safety wire attached to the bracket to prevent the light from falling and for easy maintenance.

• Its 30000 hour LED life lets your home shine while also being energy efficient as compared to the old CFL Downlighters.

• Its sleek design adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Trim Clipon LED Panels is a complete package that fulfils your varied needs when it comes to choosing lights for your home. So, look no further and enliven your home with Havells Trim Clipon LED Panels.