Havells Trim Clip On LED Panel: A Smart Buyer’s Choice



Home décor as it stands today has gone through numerous changes. Our homes were previously built and designed around the boxed-theme mainframe. This theme soon became outdated with the emergence of multi-functional open spaces and cutting-edge technological inclusions. As the physical structure of our homes changed, so did the way in which we lit them.

Previously, a basic home lighting scheme saw the installation of CFL downlighters on a large scale. Famed for their features at that time, these light fixtures began to quickly lose popularity among buyers due to their outdated design, low availability and adverse effects on the environment. Today, replacing these downlighters to upgrade your ceilings comes with a host of issues such as breaking the entire false ceiling, plastering it all over again, painting it, and then structuring it to complement new light fixtures, etc.

Trim Clipon LED lights by Havells are the ideal replacement for the outdated CFL downlighters. Apart from being easy to install, these light fixtures are affordable, easily available, offer extensive energy efficiency, heightened illumination and longevity. Such unparalleled benefits collectively eliminate the need for a hammer and drill in home renovations.


Trim Clipon Panel lights by Havells India are lighting products that come packed with superior functionality in a sleek design. The trim dimensions make them quite easy to install. Once installed, they give an even structure to the ceiling and increase the aesthetics. Their slim aluminium surface design prevents any dissipation of light or heat. The wide beam angle of these light fixtures fills up your room and illuminates it evenly. For example, when installed in your kitchen, all your culinary activities will go up a notch in terms of both efficiency and safety with such illumination.


Trim Clipon LED lights can be mounted on any ceiling in the most hassle-free manner. These come with adjustable clips and a spring on each end that can be placed and locked on to the ceiling while mounting. The advantage here is that your electrician won’t need to hammer a nail or drill a hole in any part of the process. All that needs to be done is stretch the clip on the designated space and lock the springs in position. This easy installation concludes when the Trim Clipon Panel clicks into place. Thus, the process of your home décor becomes an easily accessible reality. In case of a false ceiling, these lights can be installed within a cut out of any shape.


LED lights are famously preferred, as one of their prime features is longevity. Some of their winning attributes make them consume less energy, function optimally in a consistent manner and be devoid of flickering, and full of durability. You will experience all these benefits with Trim Clipon LED Lights among many others.

These light fixtures come with a safety wire that holds them in place and negates the chances of them falling. This sterling feature makes the process of their maintenance feel like a breeze. This marriage between efficiency and maintenance brings out sophistication and enhances the aesthetics around your home. Thereby, helping you fulfil your requirements of functionality and beauty.

In conclusion, the above characteristics bestow the title of ‘smart’ lighting solution upon Trim Clipon Panel lights. They happen to be the best choice in the market of intelligent lighting solutions for homes of today.