A Clever Lighting Solution to Elevate Your Home Décor is Here!




Upgrading your home décor most often involves assembling an army of interior designers, contractors, carpenters, painters, and electricians. The core idea of this assembly is to synergise your values and beliefs with the look of your home. Although the output is quite rewarding, the process consumes energy and time.

Home renovation requires owners to streamline your time, energy, and money, for a fruitful result. As a thumb rule, lighting scheme sets the tone for overall home décor. Including clever solutions to perfect your lighting scheme thus becomes quite imperative. Havells India brings to you a clever lighting solution that can fit in seamlessly with your home remodel plans.


Find light fixtures that tick off the parameters of energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and longevity. Choosing the correct lighting fixtures will help you quicken the installation process and eliminate the need for any kind of hammering. Want to put a great distance between your ceiling and a drill?

Choose the Trim Clipon LED panel lights by Havells and light up your home the clever way. These unique recessed surface panel lights come without the hassles of calling an army to install them. Regardless of the shape of the cut-out, your electrician can install the fixture with its extendable spring on the ceiling. By clicking on both ends of the spring in place, the fixture can be connected to an electrical wire. This process entirely negates the need of an electrical drill.


Generally, when looking for something, you would prefer the room to be brightly lit. Trim Clipon LED panel lights can help you get exactly that. They come packed with features that allow you the benefit of more illumination at an affordable cost. Installing them will promote more visibility, efficiency, and ease through ambient lighting in large rooms.

When teamed together with dimmers, these Trim Clipon LED panel lights offer you with the choice of a light setting that suits your mood perfectly. By nature, LED lights are more energy efficient in terms of electricity consumption. Additionally, these fixtures come attached with a security wire that prevents them from falling off entirely.


While these are easy to install, their long-range beam is aimed to flood the entire area evenly, with light. They rank higher on the ladder of functionality as they can enhance both ambient lighting and task lighting around your house. Their shape and structure are such that they never create a visual discomfort. High compatibility with normal and false ceilings only adds feathers to the proverbial cap of this lighting fixture.

These light fixtures are lighter on your pockets and consume less energy and time. The features not only highlight the benefits of these lighting fixtures, but also bring out their eco-friendly characteristics. Let these lights work their magic on your ceiling so that you can turn your focus on designing your floors too. This time around, eliminate the drilling aspect from your remodelling process and choose smartly to light up your home.