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Manual Fixed without Release ACB with Four Pole

Range 400 A - 6300 A, Breaking Capacity 50 kA -150 kA in TP & FP

Different Current Rating provide selection option depending on varied Load Conditions

High End Version

Circuit Breaker offers all necessary protections along with communication facility

All Measurement Facility Available

Besides measuring Current and Voltage it also offers measurement of Trip Time, Power factor, Ambient Temperature etc.

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Imported by: Havells India Ltd

Country of Origin: Not Select

MRP Rs.: ₹ .00 (incl. of all taxes)

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Offers C³ Technology

Offers C³ Technology

Complete Range has Common Height, Depth & Panel Door cutout facility hence offers Retrofitting

Easily Accessible Control Terminals

Easily Accessible Control Terminals

This has Control Terminals provided on the Top for easy access and maintenance

Easily Replaceable Arc Chutes

Easily Replaceable Arc Chutes

Arc Chutes are also provided on the top hence are easily replicable

Cost Effective and Inventory Saving

Cost Effective and Inventory Saving

It offers Common Accessories for the entire range, plug-in type and are front accessible

Offers Ease of Maintenance

Offers Ease of Maintenance

Arcing Contacts are also accessible from the top, and can be easily replaced

Arching Contacts are of First Make Last Break type

Arching Contacts are of First Make Last Break type

Arching Contacts takes the major burnt of the short circuit current thereby leaving the main contacts relatively safe hence extends the life of the breaker

Technical Specification

basic features
ref standard IS / IEC 60947-2
rated operational voltage 690/250 V AC
rated insulation voltage 1000 V AC
rated impulse voltage 12 kV
utilisation category B
rated frequency 50/60 Hz
operating altitude 2000 m
humidity 0 - 90%
rating range 400 A - 6300 A
no. of poles Four
breaking capacity withstand capacity Icw = 50 kA & 65 kA for 630 A - 2000 A; Icw = 75 kA for 2500 A; Icw = 100 kA for 3200 A - 4000 A
version Fixed Type
type of operation Manual

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