Conventional Industrial Switchgears from Havells include high quality, technologically advanced switch fuse units, fuse units, fuse bases and links, and load changeover switches. Our industrial products are manufactured in-house in some of the top manufacturing plants in the country and ensure high quality, reliability and safety.

Havells 	conventional - hibreak hbc fuse link

Check out a range of conventional industrial protection products like fuse switch unit, load changeover switch etc.

Havells 	conventional - switch fuse unit

switch fuse unit Conventional switch fuse units in different pole configurations which are sheet steel enclosed, duly phosphatised and powder painted.

Havells 	conventional - load changeover switch

Explore the range of Havells switches used for multiple applications.

Havells 	conventional - fuse switch unit

unit 3 pole and neutral and unit 4 pole and switched neutral fuse switches with double break switch mechanism.

Havells 	conventional - hibreak fuse base

ISI marked range of fuse base which are interchangeable with compatible brands and have excellent AC and DC performance.

Titania Air Circuit Breaker

Microprocessor-based air circuit breakers that can be customized to meet the requirements of various electrical loads from 630A - 4000A. Available in Manual and Fixed, electrical and draw-out options.


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