Havells manufactures world class industrial switchgear that offers close protection of devices such as motors against overload, single phasing etc. The entire range of Havells industrial switchgear include switches, circuit breakers and conventional devices that are designed and manufactured according to world class standards. The user friendly wide range of devices are built to meet varied application needs in motors, distribution circuits and automation systems.

Havells Switchgears - Industrial Plug & Socket

Havells’s range of industrial plugs and sockets are available for all kind of applications where safety, reliability, and durability are of utmost importance.

Havells Switchgears - conventional

Check out a range of conventional industrial protection products like fuse switch unit, load changeover switch etc.

Havells Switchgears - circuit breaker

Enhance the safety of your workforce and equipment with the varied range of circuit breakers from Havells.

Havells Switchgears - switches

Explore the range of Havells switches used for multiple applications.

Titania Air Circuit Breaker

Microprocessor-based air circuit breakers that can be customized to meet the requirements of various electrical loads from 630A - 4000A. Available in Manual and Fixed, electrical and draw-out options.


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