LV PFC Capacitor

As the demand for electrical power is increasing day by day, the awareness of the necessity of the energy saving is also increasing. The power factor correction (PFC) and harmonic filtering is a need of the hour. With the Havells range of capacitors, it’s a way towards a faster return on investment.

high induction adrous and fluctuating load

A range of 4 capacitors with different KVAR rating, modular construction and MPP technology

linear load

A range of torrent rated voltage and master rated voltage capacities with long life and high safety.

non linear load

A range of champ rated and phantom rated voltage capacities with modular construction and self-healing property.

Automatic Powe Factor Correction Systems

Havells SecuRite APFCS helps maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, avoid low power factors that can cause higher demand charges, lead to power factor penalties, and are also unhealthy for electrical equipment.


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