AC Film (Mfd) Capacitor

Havells offers metalized plastic compact capacitors with self-healing properties and a polypropylene dielectric. Film metallization with zinc/aluminium alloy results in high performance and a low film thickness allowing significantly more compact dimensions and a lower weight. The exclusive range from Havells consists of motor run capacitors, motor start capacitors, lighting capacitors, submersible pump capacitors etc.

motor start capacitors

Plastic case, wire terminals and a 250V rated voltage capacitor with a range of 40/60 μF to 200/250 μF.

washing machine capacitors

The washing machine capacitor with two capacitors in a single case and self-healing MPP technology.

lighting capacitors

Capacitors built to last long and operate effectively throughout in a range of 10μF to 42 μF.

submersible pump capacitors

Our CRCA fabricated contractor switching panels offer the best power factor correction system.

fan capacitors

Submersible pump panel capacitors with a rated capacitance of range 25 μF to 72 μF.

air conditioner capacitors

Fan capacitor built in a working range of 2.2.5 μF to 4 μF at a rated voltage of 440V.

motor run capacitors

Explore the air conditioner single and dual capacitors with self-healing shield and Aluminium case material.

Automatic Powe Factor Correction Systems

Havells SecuRite APFCS helps maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, avoid low power factors that can cause higher demand charges, lead to power factor penalties, and are also unhealthy for electrical equipment.


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