Crusher Duty Capacitor

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Crusher Duty Capacitor



  • Range : 0.5 kVAr to 50 kVAr
  • Voltage Range : 220 Vac to 1000 Vac
  • Conentrated oil based

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Crusher Duty Capacitor

Havells India is known for manufacturing best quality electrical devices. To meet the desired flow of current and voltage, it has designed a Crusher Duty Capacitor with a range of 0.5 kVAr to 50 kVAr. The impregnation is based on concentrated oil base. This power capacitor has a very high inrush current withstand capacity that improves the power factor and system supply. Designed with Penta safety protection, the crusher duty capacitor features the self-healing technology which makes it a perfect device to control unwanted breakdowns.

Under its range of reactive power solutions, Havells has crafted its crusher duty capacitor considering the safety first. It is explosion proof, ensures low losses and high over current withstanding capabilities. The device is built with a special imported metallized hazy film profile to withstand high voltage and fluctuations. For better safety reasons, the crusher duty capacitor is equipped with an internal notch mechanism which helps to reduce the system losses.

Havells India is a leading company and trusted brand in electrical equipment. With a tag of a leading brand, we understand your quality requirements. To know more about the configuration, price list and technical details, browse our online store and buy the crusher duty capacitor at a genuine price.




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