pfc components

Power factor correction (PFC) capacitors produce the necessary leading reactive power to compensate the lagging reactive power. They are capable of withstanding high inrush currents caused by switching operations (>100 • IR). If they are connected in parallel, i.e. as banks, the inrush current will increase (≥150 • IR) because the charging current comes from the power line as well as from other capacitors connected in parallel. Explore the range from India's most trusted electrical manufacturer.

Havells 	pfc components - anti harmonic detached filters

A range of 6 filters with Aluminium/Copper winding material and low losses and noise levels.

Havells 	pfc components - intelligent power factor correction system

User friendly power factor correction systems with 7 segment LCD display and keypad for user interface.

Automatic Powe Factor Correction Systems

Havells SecuRite APFCS helps maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, avoid low power factors that can cause higher demand charges, lead to power factor penalties, and are also unhealthy for electrical equipment.


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