Reactive Power Solutions.

Encompassing products with triple shield with differential disconnector to protect against faults due to environmental incompatibility, the Havells power capacitors are designed and manufacturing using S3 technology. Advance technologies adopted in our Capacitors offer you unmatched safety and outstanding performance under Indian conditions. Our varied range of products is not only safe and reliable, but also helps you save energy.

Havells Reactive Power Solutions. - lv pfc capacitor

Explore the range of high induction arduous and fluctuating load, linear load and nonlinear load capacitors.

Havells Reactive Power Solutions. - agricultural load application

Capacitors for agricultural load applications that have different KVAR rating and provide selection option as per requirement.

Havells Reactive Power Solutions. - pfc components

Check out an exclusive range of anti-resonance harmonic filters and intelligent power factor controllers

Havells Reactive Power Solutions. - automatic power factor correction system

Our CRCA fabricated contractor switching panels offer the best power factor correction system.

Havells Reactive Power Solutions. - mfd capacitor

The Havells capacitor range consists of Motor run capacitors, motor start capacitors, submersible pump capacitors and much more.

Automatic Powe Factor Correction Systems

Havells SecuRite APFCS helps maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, avoid low power factors that can cause higher demand charges, lead to power factor penalties, and are also unhealthy for electrical equipment.


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