In 2021, we have associated with Plaksha University to make a meaningful impact in technological change and evolution. In fact, now our association with Plaksha is one of the biggest intervention from CSR contribution standpoint. Plaksha University, located in Mohali, Punjab, is one of India’s largest collective philanthropy efforts to build a tech university of global eminence, aims to have 1500 students and more than 100 faculty on campus over the next 5 years. The university’s vision is to reimagine technology education and research in India and one of the 3 pillars for achieving this aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and research.

On December 17th 2022, Plaksha University celebrated its first founder day where “Havells Research Building” was inaugurated. The Havells Research Building spaces like the Makerspace, Physical World Lab, Nature Machines Lab and others which are being constantly leveraged by students across programs for tinkering, innovation and to guide their maker spirit. From the launch in 2021, 300+ students, researchers and faculty members have been using the Havells Research Building. The students are from different programs including Undergraduate (B.Tech), Technology Leaders Program (Post Graduate), Ph.D., and Plaksha Research Fellows. These students comes from diverse backgrounds viz. 50% from tier 2/3 towns and 30% are female students. Many students comes from underserved communities with limited resources and support to pursue technology education.

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Plaksha University (Punjab)

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Havells' support has been instrumental in helping Plaksha set up the Research Building with cutting-edge opportunities & research centres viz. Clean Energy & Climate, Digital Agriculture, Digital Health & Water Security etc.

Our company had also partnered earlier with BML Munjal Foundation and Ashoka University, to provide financial assistance to needy students in the form of scholarship for their higher education, as well as creating infrastructure for the benefit of such students.

With an objective to strengthen the school infrastructure, our company recycles the waste wood across its manufacturing plants and converts them into tables and benches which are donated in the government schools in Alwar, Neemrana and Haridwar. During the year, the company donated over 4000 sets of tables and benches.

We are also providing recycled copies to school children from the paper waste generated at our manufacturing plants.

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