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Havells - Mounting Structures & Accessories
  • Distribution boxes
  • Module mounting structures
  • Cables and protection devices

MRP Rs.: ₹

Havells - Solar Panel

Solar Panel   

  • High module output power
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Highly reliable Anti-reflective coated glass

MRP Rs.: ₹

Havells - Inverters and Optimisers

Inverters and Optimisers   

  • Module Level Monitoring
  • Constraint Free design
  • Enhanced Safety

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Solar on grid system components

Havells, conquering the pathways of lighting, has designed a Solar On-Grid System where solar power is converted into grid power. Through this Solar Rooftop System, you can utilize your empty roof to save electricity for almost 25 years. Make the most of Solar Energy System, and get a Rooftop Solar Power Plant wherein a series of solar panels will be installed and connected together to convert solar radiation into electrical energy.

Use solar electric system to generate electricity in an eco-friendly manner. In this solar energy system, the energy from the series of panels is fed into an inverter so that the energy can be converted in alternating current compatible with grid power. Thus, the On-Grid Solar System will only work when there is constant electricity supply from the power grid. Browse online to know more about Havells Rooftop Solar Power Plant.

If we talk about the advantages of Solar rooftop on-grid system, it is reliable and easy-to-install system with a lifespan of almost 25 years. So, actually you can utilize your rooftop and generate clean energy, while reducing power bills. Once synchronized with grid electricity, the rooftop on-grid solar system can be used to transfer surplus electricity back to the main grid.

Get the solar on grid system installed and experience the green energy & save on electricity charges. For more information please email us

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