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Solar Off Grid PCU

Battery Charging

Intelligent battery charging -3 Stage(Bulk,Absorption&Float) Charging for enhanced battery life

Solar Priority Mode

Under this mode, solar power is used to charge the batteries to full when available and once the battery becomes full, the site load is shifted to the battery and solar till a predefined battery voltage level thereby solar energy is utilized full.

Grid Priority Mode

Under this mode, batteries are charged from grid as well as from solar, Loads are normally powered by grid when available. Under grid failure, loads are supported by solar. This mode is suitable for non sunny days.


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Pure sine wave technology

Pure sine wave technology

Pure sine wave technology - recommended for better life of industrial/commercial equipment.

Intelligent battery charging

Intelligent battery charging

3 stage (Bulk, absorpation & float) charging for enhanced battery life.



Sleek and Aesthetic design



LED/LCD Display for showing monitoring & instantaneous system data dispalay.

Technical Specification

Grid input
Solar Priority or Grid Priority User Selectable
Voltage 220 V - 2 % Single Phase
input voltage range
Acceptable Voltage Range 110 V AC - 290 V AC
Frequency Same as mains (47 Hz -53 Hz)
High Voltage Cutoff 290 V AC ± 10 V AC
Low Voltage Cutoff 110 V AC ± 10 V AC
installation Specifications
LxWxH (cm) 30.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 34 cm
power features
Battery Capacity 150 mAh x 2 N
Nominal Battery Voltage 24 V DC
Protections Over Load Output Short Circuit Battery Reverse Protection Low Battery Protection Lightening/Surge Protection Solar Reverse Protection
thd ≤ 3%
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Solar Photovoltaic
Maximum DC Link Voltage 90 V
MPPT Range 35 V - 69 V
Solar Charger Type MPPT
Solar PV Modlue 250 Wp x 4 N
Switching Power Device MOSFET
Maximum Efficiency ≥ 85%

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