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Life Guard FR-LSH Cables (Black)

Flame Retardant Low Smoke & Halogen
90 m (1.0 sq. mm)


Energy Cables for Internal electrification and power Supply to all electrical operated equipments (eg. Fans/Lights/ Aplliances etc).


FRLSH PVC Flexible Cables upto 1.1 kV grade
as per IS:694


1.0 sq. mm to 6 sq. mm in Single core and for above sizes in S/C and Multi Core Sizes on request.

Imported by: Havells India Ltd

Country of Origin: India

MRP Rs.: ₹ 2035.00 (incl. of all taxes)

(Net Quantity : 1 N) Buy Now

Havells FR-LSH flexible cables are made from specially formulated insulation that restricts toxic gases and smoke providing protection for human safety.

Havells FR-LSH flexible cable have self-extinguishing property which do not allow the fire to spread.

High Oxygen Index

High Oxygen Index

The oxygen index is 30% for FRLSH insulation .i.e. the Havells FRLSH insulation can catch the flame only if oxygen level in atmosphere or air is more than 30% whereas it known fact that in atmosphere oxygen level is 21% only. Higher the index value, greater the non-combustibility.

Technical Specification

basic features
type Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen
core Single Core
size 1.0 sq. mm
color Black

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