Cat 6

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Cat 6 Grey Lan Cable

305 m   


  • Min. radiation and max. noise immunity
  • Excellent electromagnetic compatibility
  • High speed data access

MRP Rs.:₹ 14945.00 (incl. of all taxes)

Havells lan cables - Cat 6

Havells India Ltd is a trusted name for wires, flexible cables, switchgear and electrical goods. In its range of flexible cables, the brand also offers complete networking solution through its LAN Cables. Havells networking cables allow computer or other devices to access high-speed network/internet data. Check out the best price for flexible LAN Cables in a packaging of 305 m online!
Based out of India, Havells is known for its high quality products with innovative designs backed by advanced technology. The 305 m LAN Cable has four pairs of wires which are housed inside the lining of the cable. Each pair is twisted to prevent interference from other devices on the network. The Cat 5e, a type of LAN Cable, is used in structured cabling for computer network such as Ethernet. To know more about the price and features of Havells LAN Cables, browse online!
Made in India, the Havells range of flexible cables is safe, reliable, flame retardant, and energy efficient. The LAN cables are designed & manufactured as per internationally acceptable parameters, to give unparalleled performance. Available in a 305 m pack, these cables support data transfer speeds up to 1000 Mbps, with minimum radiation and maximum noise immunity. So, without any doubt, buy Havells LAN Cables at the best price online and enjoy uninterrupted data speed on your network!


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