oil filled radiator

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Havells - OFR 13 Fin

With PTC Fan Heater 2900 W    GHROFAFK290

  • 13 fin
  • 2900 W
  • PTC fan heater

MRP Rs.: ₹ 16480 (incl. of all taxes)

Havells - OFR 9 Fin

With PTC Fan Heater 2400 watt    GHROFAEK240

  • 9 fin
  • 2500 W
  • PTC fan heater

MRP Rs.: ₹ 13420 (incl. of all taxes)

Havells - OFR 11 Fin

With PTC Fan Heater 2900 W    GHROFADK290

  • 11 fin
  • 2900 W
  • PTC fan heater

MRP Rs.: ₹ 14650 (incl. of all taxes)

Havells oil filled radiator

In this age of technology, things are getting replaced with their better versions in no time. There was a time when people used to burn wood and coal to beat the chill in winters. However, with changing times, that traditional method got replaced by coil heaters, which further succeeded by fan heaters. Havells, a brand synonymous with high-quality home appliances, presents the all-new oil-filled radiator with PTC fan heater to keep you cozy, no matter how chilly it is outside.

The best part about this all-new OFR with PTC fan heater is that it doesn’t kill the oxygen present in the room; so it means no more suffocation. These oil-filled radiators are best when it comes to silent operation. Unlike heat convectors, they don’t blow high speed air which is uncomfortable at times. Havells Oil-Filled Radiators consume almost same power, and have almost negligible maintenance cost. With PTC fan heater, you can be relaxed about the safety as there is no fear of fire like normal heaters.

Havells OFR with PTC Fan Heater is aesthetically designed to match the interiors of your home. It comes with a dust filter, and casters for easy mobility. The heater can be dismantled, and easily stored once you’re done for the season. It also has a cord winder wherein the cord can be easily coiled.

Before buying, you can check for different models, features and prices online. Havells is a trusted name for all types of electrical home appliances. Without any worries, you can also buy this best climate control appliance from Havells online store at reasonable prices and enjoy the warmth in your home.


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