Havells Air filters offer among the highest particle removal efficiencies and removal. Easy to install and replace, the filters ensure a healthy indoor quality for your home. There are two broad categories of air filters that Havells manufactures. 1) HEPA Filters: High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filters is the best available technology that has various applications in the industry. They are not only used in homes but also in medical facilities, automobiles and aircrafts. 2) Carbon Filters: Using the process of chemical adsorption, carbon filtering uses a bed of activated carbon to remove the contaminants and impurities. Each particle of activated carbon provides a large surface area which exposes contaminants to a maximum possible area and therefore gives purification. In a country like India, where air pollution is on the rise, it is important to install air filter to breathe in uncontaminated air and live healthy. To stay away from air borne diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle, this is the need of the hour, undoubtedly. So, buy air filter today and stay away from air borne diseases!

hepa filters

Havells HEPA filter can filter P.M. 2.5 micron particles with a removal efficiency of 99.9%. The advanced HEPA filter can remove particles upto 0.02 micron Experience fresh air like never before!

carbon filters

Granulated Carbon filter with dense granules to remove bad odors, harmful gases & chemicals

Fresco Air Purifier

Breathe in purity every day. Havells Fresco Air Purifier gives you the highest CADR (Clear Air Delivery Rate) to efficiently protect your home environment from allergens and indoor air pollutants.


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