Strategic levers

Making Havells omnipresent

At Havells, we have outlined eight strategic levers to ensure our presence across the entire value chain and penetrate more markets.


Brand reinforcement

What we intend to do

  • Reinforcing the essence of brand ‘Havells’
  • Continuing investments in the brand to strengthen connect with stakeholders
  • Improving our brand reach across multiple channels

Product extension and expansion

  • Continuing investments in R&D for developing innovative and quality products
  • Extending our product line and diversifying our portfolio

Proximity to consumer

  • Strengthening the relationship with our dealer network
  • Penetrating newer markets, especially in the semi-urban and rural regions
  • Tie-ups with multi-brand outlets, regional retailers, and modern formats

In-house manufacturing

What we intend to do

  • Leveraging technology to optimise resources and increase efficiencies
  • Capital expenditure towards expanding manufacturing capacities
  • Better control over our entire supply chain

Financial management

  • Maintaining a lean Balance Sheet, accommodating growth
  • Cost efficiency
  • Being net cash positive


  • Leveraging IT infrastructure for digital transformation and improving overall product experience
  • Incorporating digital technologies in all aspects of the business to create enhanced value for all stakeholders

Strengthening the Lloyd Business

  • Establish Lloyd as a 'mass premium brand'
  • Leverage production capacities to improve offerings
  • Expanding our product portfolio

Sustainable business

  • Invest and nurture in building business for tomorrow
  • Ensuring responsible and sustainable operations