Financial capital

Enhancing balance sheet strength

We have developed a strong financial capital framework with adequate foresight and agility to drive effective growth. Our strong balance sheet enables us to direct our growth capital swiftly and efficiently towards emerging opportunities for long-term value creation. Armed with this prudent approach, we navigated through exceptional circumstances brought on by the pandemic, transforming into a future-ready organisation with confidence and purpose.

Our performance

Economic value creation

Particulars FY 21-22 FY 20-21
Revenue generated (includes other income) 14,048.95 10,615.74
Economic value distributed (i+ii+iii+iv+v) 13,266.06 9,643.40
Operating costs (i) 11,353.44 8,205.22
Employee benefits (ii) 1,014.65 885.33
Payments to providers of capital (iii) 460.51 260.44
Direct taxes paid (iv) 413.80 271.44
CSR expenditure (v) 23.66 20.97
Economic value generated 782.89 972.34


We continued investing in capacity expansion to fuel our next phase of growth. Our total capital expenditure during the year was `256 crores, which was primarily directed towards enhancing our infrastructure and capabilities.

Credit ratings  
Particulars Rating assigned
Long-term Bank facilities (CC) CARE AAA
Long-term Bank facilities (TL) CARE AAA
Short-term Bank facilities CARE A1+

Continued focus on liquidity

We have consistently maintained a strong focus on ensuring liquidity. During the year, we repaid loans amounting to `97.35 crores. Further, our total cash and bank balance & current investment as on 31 March, 2022 stood at `2,982 crores, with an increase of `1,051 crores.

`2,982 crores

Cash and Bank Balance & Current Investments

`256 crores

Net Capital Expenditure