Presenting technologically advanced and premium quality changeover switching devices available in Euroload, Instaline and Kompact Plus ranges. Available in a wide range of amperes and pole requirements, Havells switching devices are ready to serve the needs of diverse industries.

Havells 	switches - instaline automatic transfer switch

instaline automatic transfer switch

24 different automatic transfer switches built for high performance operation in varied configurations

Havells 	switches - euroload by pass changeover switch

euroload by pass changeover switch

A range of 5 changeover switches with totally enclosed mechanism for better and safe operation.

Havells 	switches - kompact plus switch disconnector fuse unit

kompact plus switch disconnector fuse unit

An exclusive range of disconnector fuse units suitable for both AC and DC application.

Havells 	switches - euroload changeover switch

euroload changeover switch

A range of 18 switch disconnectors available in different sizes and configurations.

Havells 	switches - euroload switch disconnector

euroload switch disconnector

5 changeover switches with choice of usage, line and load reversibility, adjustable operating shaft and much more.

Titania Air Circuit Breaker

Microprocessor-based air circuit breakers that can be customized to meet the requirements of various electrical loads from 630A - 4000A. Available in Manual and Fixed, electrical and draw-out options.


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