Energy Saver

Being a responsible human being, it is not only necessary to save the energy because it saves a certain amount of money but also because the resources are limited. The Havells range of energy savers provides you with an option to not only do well by saving the resources but also saves you a considerable amount of money. You use one device but reap two benefits in return. The Havells energy saver are automatic devices that keep the power flow in check and are designed to reduce your electricity bills. They also increase the life of your devices and protect them from power surges. Saving energy is equivalent to recycling it and therefore you need less energy supply from the power company. To get this amazing device installed in your homes, all you need to do is go online and look at the range of power saving devices available on the Havells website.

Havells Energy Saver - automatic source changeover with current limiter

Make the most of efficient distribution of generator power in multi-storied apartments with Havells range of automatic source changeover with current limiter.

Havells Energy Saver - mcb changeover

Havells MCB changeovers are ideal for smooth and safe substitution of electricity from supply to Generator and vice versa.

Havells Energy Saver - time switch

Control the opening and closing of electrical circuits-based on a predetermined schedule with the Havells range of tie switches.


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