Distribution Boards

Confidently display your distribution board as an elegant part of your home interiors. Presenting the classy range of distribution boards from Havells.

Havells Distribution Boards - phase selector db

phase selector db

Havells brings out to you a range of phase selector distribution boards with increased safety meeting all your automatic phase selection requirements.

Havells Distribution Boards - special application db

special application db

Safeguarding you from any kind of short circuits or over currents, the special application distribution boards are built to last long.

Havells Distribution Boards - accessories for dbs

accessories for dbs

Safety should never be compromised. Select from a range of accessories for your distribution boards and live safe.

Havells Distribution Boards - common base separate door concept

common base separate door concept

All metallic, all glossy. Check out the metalica distribution board range from Havells and protect your appliances in style.

Havells Distribution Boards - metalica db

metalica db

A range of distribution boards from Havells specially built for providing you with the effective distribution of power and safety for your appliances.

Havells Distribution Boards - utility db

utility db

Electrical devices can never be boring especially when they are from Havells. Check out the designer distribution board range.

Havells Distribution Boards - designer db

designer db

Suitable for Home, Corporate Office Hotel, Modern...

Havells Distribution Boards - decora db door

decora db door

Suitable for Home, Corporate Office Hotel, Modern...

D’cora Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards that become a work of art to match your home interiors. Choose from Klass Leather, Pearl Stone, and Sepia Rosewood finishes that complement the décor of your room.


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