An essential part of the electrical circuitry system at homes, offices or anywhere else, switchgear like circuit breakers, distribution boards, energy savers etc. are used for superior power distribution and power monitoring and control. The team of engineers at Havells have designed a premium range of switchgear which is an ideal example flawless machinery at affordable prices.

Havells switchgear - circuit breaker

circuit breaker

An essential circuitry to protect you from the damage of an upsurge in current, the havells range of circuit breakers are built in various sizes.

Havells switchgear - energy saver

energy saver

With the right to use the natural resources available, it is important to save and conserve energy. Check out our energy saver range and do good.

Havells switchgear - human safety

human safety

Whatever be the situation, there is nothing more important than human safety. Safeguard yourself with the Havells range of safety devices.

Havells switchgear - distribution boards

distribution boards

Also known as a panelboard, this device from Havells distributes the current effectively in all the appliances while providing a protective fuse for each.


A distribution board that matches your home interior so perfectly, you don’t have to hide it away. Showcase the Silverish Grey, Sparkling White & Sparkling Gold finishes like works of art in your home.


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