Coral Modular Range

Value for money guaranteed
Electrical switches built to abide by the durability, complete safety and convenience of use, the coral modular range from Havells provides you with ample choices to select from switches, socket ranges and accessories. Guaranteed to surpass your expectations, they will give you an experience never to forget. This range is reasonably priced, conveniently designed and delivers true value for money

Havells Coral Modular Range - cover frames

cover frames

Robust designed cover frames with dust free glossy finish to enhance your switch boards just the way you have always wanted.

Havells Coral Modular Range - surface mounting plastic boxes

surface mounting plastic boxes

Secure and beautify you home with the complete range of surface mounting plastic boxes from Havells.

Havells Coral Modular Range - sockets


Our sockets are built to be reliable and follow the rule of safety first. Find different sockets for varied needs in and around the house.

Havells Coral Modular Range - support modules

support modules

A comprehensive range of support modules from Havells to meet all your modern day electrical requirements in an effective yet inexpensive manner.

Havells Coral Modular Range - flush metal boxes

flush metal boxes

Made from the best sheet metal, the flush metal boxes from Havells with long service life provide you with safety and security.

Havells Coral Modular Range - switches


Aesthetically designed switches built to last long and enrich the looks of your rooms, office and cabin space. Experience sophistication and finesse with Havells.

Havells Coral Modular Range - communication modules

communication modules

Let your devices do the talking with our range of communication modules. Built to last long, find USB chargers, telephone sockets and much more.


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