Monoblock Pump

Assembled in a single block, this pump from Havells is as efficient as it can be. Less energy loss makes it more efficient and a good choice.

Havells Monoblock Pump - v series

v series

A 1.0 HP high prformance, low energy consumption pump ideal for your home water requirements.

Havells Monoblock Pump - m series

m series

An energy efficient motor with an F class insulation, high grade pump casting and a great performance.

Havells Monoblock Pump - s series

s series

A high quality mechanical pump seal, forged brass impeller and various world class features, all combined in the S series pumps from Havells.

Havells Monoblock Pump - j series

j series

A compact motor design with a stainless steel pump shaft, the J series is an energy efficient pump from Havells

Havells Monoblock Pump - a series

a series

A high performance pump with dual dual coated H class copper windings and a high suction power.

Havells Monoblock Pump - d series

d series

F class insulations giving high discharge in the operating range to boost the efficiency, only with the D series monoblock pump from Havells.


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