Pumps are no less than a revolutionary appliance that help use the water from remote and inaccessible areas and supply it to entire township and industries. Ideal for use in different locations including multi storey buildings, Havells Water Pumps are available in two categories – openwell pump and monoblock pump. They are built using high grade material which lasts long. Also, the losses in our pumps are negligible giving you optimum level of performance throughout their life. Presenting to you a range of self-priming pumps that supply water for all your domestic needs. The Havells line of pumps is a perfect example of the amalgamation of quality, robust construction and longevity. Advanced technology features and integrated automation make them the best in the market. Avail high performance standards and uninterrupted customer service only with Havells. You can buy the water pump of your choice online without having to worry about finding the right one at different stores across different markets. All you need to do is browse through all the available pumps on our website and check out the detailed features listed so as to decide which one is the best for your needs. Bring home one of the most trusted electrical brands worldwide.

Havells pump - submersible pump openwell

When it comes to heavy duty work and water requirement, the Havells submersible pump is a great and pocket friendly choice.

Havells pump - monoblock pump

Assembled in a single block, this pump from Havells is as efficient as it can be. Less energy loss makes it more efficient and a good choice.


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