Telecom Switch Board Cables

Communication made easy with high quality telephone cables

Made in conformity with the TEC regulations and cutomer requirements, the Havells range of telephone cables are manufactured using high quality high grade copper wire that not only offers better elongation, but also higher solder ability and twist withstanding capability. Other features of these wires include being safe, reliable, fire-retardant, fire-resistant, lead & halogen-free, and non-toxic. Made in eco-friendly manufacturing plants, Havells adheres to strict environmental standards.

Havells Telecom Switch Board Cables - 90 mtr

90 mtr

HRFR PVC Flexible Cables upto 1.1kv grade as per IS:694, these cables are your ideal choice for internal electrification and power Supply to all electrical operated equipments.

Havells Telecom Switch Board Cables - 180 mtr

180 mtr

Check out the highly advanced, eco friendly and affordable range of telecom wires from Havells.


Annealed Tinned Copper conductor, PVC Insulated. Hard grade PVC insulation for long life and stable properties of cables. Staggered lays of twisted pairs to ensure minimum cross talk.


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