Lan Cables

Great internet speeds bound to come by with felxible LAN cables

Internet is the world's platfrom for all day to day activities and a good LAN speed is the ultimate happiness goal. With the smartly designed Havells LAN wires keeping the best quality standards and ethical procedures in place, the result is undoubtedly par excellence. The flexible LAN cables from Havells are fire retardant, safe and economical and provide unmatched performance. Now enjoy great internet speeds with the trust of Havells.

Havells Lan Cables - 305 mtr

305 mtr

Manufactured as per Internationally acceptable parameters & required for computers to connect Internet/ to transfer data via Internet, these are high performance wires from Havells.


Designed & Manufactured according to internationally acceptable parameters, Havells CAT 6 (With Separator) cables operates at a bandwidth up to 250 MHz for data transmission, which ensures High ACR values along with Low BER (Bit Error Rate)/ Exceeds cat 6 Best transmission performance.


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