Life Shield HFFR

Havells wires and cables – A combination of safety and efficiency

Increasing human habitation has brought a lot of people and families living closer to each other within a single housing or commercial complex and therefore the need for cables to be safe and efficient is paramount. The Havells FR- LSH cables are made from specially formulated PVC polymers that restrict the toxic gases and smoke and are therefore safe, reliable, fire resistant, lead resistant lead free and a non toxic alternative.

Havells Life Shield HFFR - 90 mtr

90 mtr

Available in 5 categories and colors, these wires are made for superior protection and human safety.

Havells Life Shield HFFR - 180 mtr

180 mtr

Energy cables for internal electrification and power supply to all your electrical operated equipments. Check out the 180 mtr range.


Superior protection for human safety, specially formulated insulation that restricts toxic gases and smoke in case of fire. Self-extinguishing property that does not allow the fire to spread.


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