Garment Care

Create an everlasting impression on others with the proper garment care that is made possible with the help of Havells clothes iron. The Havells iron comes with a very clean surface that finishes the ironing with an appealing look. Also, it comes with a quick heating capacity as well as low power consumption. So, say bye bye to stubborn creases with the help of Havells steam iron as well as dry iron!

Havells Garment Care - dry iron

dry iron

Lightweight and user-friendly Havells dry irons deliver smooth functioning. Requiring low maintenance, one can use it on a daily basis, without any hassles.

Havells Garment Care - steam iron

steam iron

Iron out crinkles and creases faster and more effectively with Havells Steam Irons and make ironing an easy job.

Havells Garment Care - garment steamer

garment steamer

Rejuvenate your clothes with spa therapy with Havells Creazo garment steamer that effortlessly removes creases.


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