Are you looking for a refreshing cuppa? Havells electric kettle or a coffee maker is an efficient kitchen appliance that would help you make cups of coffee or tea in a couple of minutes for all your guests. These come in different in designs as well as capacities. Simple and user-friendly, these appliances are quite affordable, too. You can prepare a cup of espresso in an espresso coffee maker or a fresh cup of Assam tea in the tea maker. The best part about using these appliances is that they let you save gas and are energy efficient, as well. It is said that brewing coffee of making a cup of tea is not less than art. With Havells coffee maker, you can refine your skills and easily impress others with an amazing cup brewed every time. Also, in a country like India, where it is one of the most favorite beverages, Havells gives you the reason to celebrate tea even more. Reach out for the best tasting cup every day without compromise. Buy this amazing appliance online, let it work the magic and get ready for a lot of appreciation every day. With breathtaking looks, our appliances add to the aesthetics of your homes giving you an edge over the others.

Havells Brewing - coffee maker

If you are a coffeeholic, then Havells coffee maker is what your kitchen needs. Bring it home and enjoy your favorite brew of coffee relaxing on a couch, on a daily basis.

Havells Brewing - kettle

Whether you are a hostler or live alone or with a family, Havells electric kettle will serve you well on all occasions. So, upgrade your kitchen today and save time as well as energy.

Donato Coffee Maker

Brew your favourite cup of cappuccino or espresso with Donato Coffee Maker. Elegant glass design coupled with a powerful brewing machine makes it a perfect companion for your coffee cravings.


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