Personal Cooler

Havells Personal Coolers are the perfect answer for indoor uniform cooling. With its honeycomb cooling pads, auto drain, humidity control and one year warranty, you are able to enjoy the most soothing time. There is an ice chamber that can be filled with ice cubes for speedier cooling. There are completely collapsible louvers to prevent dust/ insects entering the air cooler, too. All this with Energy efficiency makes them the most easy on the pocket personal coolers.

Havells Personal Cooler - fresco


Havells Fresco is one of the most powerful coolers used for domestic use. Water level Indicator, adjustable humidity control and other features help make it the most wanted in the market.

Fresco I

India's first innovative air cooler with completely collapsible louvers, washable dust filter net, water tank cover, auto drain, humidity control, temperature display, cord winding station, honeycomb cooling pad & low noise.


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