Automatic Power Factor Controller - Based on FIFO Mechanism

Power Factor controllers are used for measurement and control of Power Factor for reactive power compensation.

The Power Factor measured by the APFC is compared with the set value and in order to provide necessary compensation, Power Factor controller switches capacitor banks ON and OFF automatically.

Capacitors are switched ON in the sequence of 1-2-3…..n and an additional logic is used to switch OFF in the same sequence 1-2-3…..n i.e. the oldest OFF capacitor is switched ON first and the oldest ON capacitor is switched off first. This apparently is the best switching sequence, giving enough time to an OFF capacitor to discharge before it is switched again.

The innovative FIFO logic used for very fine tuning (compensation) of reactive powers by switching OFF lower value capacitor bank once the measured Power Factor becomes greater than the set Power Factor Hence very fine reactive power regulation can be achieved.

• Innovative Design
• Fully Automatic and Simple Commissioning
• User friendly Handling Procedures
• Self-Optimizing and Control Capability
• Four Quadrant Operations

• Large and Multifunctional Seven Segment Display
• LCD Illumination
• Parameter Display – Cap Banks Status, PF, KW, KVAr, KVA, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Temperature

Fault/alarm Indication for protection
• Over / Under Voltage
• Over / Under Frequency
• Over / Under Compensation
• Under Current
• Reverse

• PFC 11001 – PC Software for Data Storing & System Monitoring
• Galvanically Isolated - RS 232 Interface Cable


Installation & Programming Procedure